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Hot Clicks: Eagles cheerleader; Michael Vick; Owens rips McNabb

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The stats: 20-of-28 for 333 yards and four touchdowns passing and eight carries for 80 yards and two touchdowns rushing. There really isn't anything else to say about the show Michael Vick put on last night in the Eagles' 59-28 blowout at Washington. Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the massacre (besides Vick's performance, which you can watch here) is that the Eagles are claimingLaRon Landry's pregame trash talk and other antics led to the 88-yard touchdown catch by DeSean Jackson on the first play from scrimmage. Oh, there is more thing. The lovely lady above is named Lauren and you can check her and the other cheerleaders out here.

Philadelphia Story

Eagles Cheerleader Lauren ::

Before Vick carved up Washington, the big news of the day was Donovan McNabb's five-year, $78 million contract extension (which, it turns out, is not nearly as bad a contract as first reported). This amusing photo essay tells the story of how Daniel Snyder broke the news to Mike Shanahan. Meanwhile, this missive was sent via Terrell Owens' Twitter feed: "How do u justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?" Later, Owens claimed it was his brother who sent out the Tweet, saying, "LOL!! I c my brother got all yall riled up w/his question about McNabb's contract! He's entitled 2 his opinion!"

The Other Redskins-Eagles Storyline

Cam Newton was at the center of controversy last week, but after Auburn beat Georgia on Saturday, the quarterback let off some steam by dancing up a storm.

No Shocker Here: Newton Has Moves

I missed this yesterday among all the NFL roundup links. Tom Brady WENT OFF on teammates early in the Pats' game against the Steelers and the video is pretty great.

Ticked-Off Tom

Tom Brady :: AP

My worst subject in school was always science, so I'm not even going to try to explain this post that has constructed a Periodic Table made up of baseball Hall of Famers. Just check it out yourself.

Where's Mr. Wizard?

Wisconsin scored 83 points against Indiana on Saturday. This led to some hygiene issues for Bucky Badger, who did 535 push-ups during the game.

This Happens When You Run Up The Score

Shaquille O'Neal went to the Cheers bar yesterday and sang the sitcom's iconic theme song, but I don't think he knew all the words.

Sports Video Of The Day

Awkwardly dancing afterward doesn't make this less embarrassing.

Wedding Video Of The Day

Remember the hullabaloo over the risque GQ photoshoot with Glee cast members? Well, GQ has made the smart move by releasing video of said photo shoot.

Glee Video Of The Day