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Men's College Hoops Preview (Related Stories)

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Men's College Hoops Preview stories in the SI Vault

Scouting Reports By SI Staff, December 06, 1965With the top 20 teams this year are a famous coach who adores chili, a player who may be the West Coast eating champion and an eastern star on a crash diet.

UCLA: Simple, Awesomely SimpleBy Curry Kirkpatrick, November 30, 1970Not even the occult can put a finger on the specific point in time when the Bruins of UCLA took over the game of college basketball -- when they nursed it, rehearsed it and gave out the news.

Everyone Wants The Net By Barry McDermott, November 29, 1976For the first time in years the battle for the national title is wide open, but Michigan is favored to cut the cords after the final buzzer.

The Top Dog Of Dunk By Jack McCallum, November 30, 1981Dominique Wilkins turned down the pros, and that turns on Georgians who love his leaping.

"You Love Him And You Hate Him"By John Feinstein, November 19, 1986A season spent with Indiana coach Bob Knight revealed a unique and mercurial presence.

The Race To Indy By Alexander Wolff, November 19, 1990With No. 1 Arkansas on the pole, the Top 20 is revved up and ready to go. Gentemen ...

Slam Duncan By Tim Crothers, November 27, 1995Tim Duncan of Wake Forest has burst onto the college scene with all the force of a two-hand jam.

The Road Not Taken By Alexander Wolff, November 19, 2001Duke guard Jason Williams might have been the first player chosen in the NBA draft, but he decided to stay in school because he figured he still has a lot to learn.

Hasheem The Dream By Luke Winn, November 17, 2008The odyssey of Hasheem Thabeet began in one of the most remote hoops hinterlands. Soon, perhaps, it will take the UConn 7-footer to an unimaginably big stage -- bigger even than the first round of the NBA draft.