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Michael Vick (Related Stories)

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Michael Vick stories in the SI Vault

A Cut Above The Rest By John Ed Bradley, August 14, 2000Blessed with talents rarely seen in a quarterback, Virginia Tech's Michael Vick is a physical marvel without a typical superstar's ego.

Generally Electric By Michael Silver, December 02, 2002Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has given the NFL a jolt, but his most exciting days are still ahead.

Give Him Some Respect By Michael Silver, July 04, 2005Kids love him and his jersey's hot, but even having taken the Falcons to new heights, Michael Vick is still bugged by critics who say he's not a real NFL quarterback.

Downward Mobility By Jeffri Chadiha, January 29, 2007Michael Vick's erratic passing is making it more and more difficult for Atlanta to overlook his erratic behavior.

The Road To Bad Newz By George Dohrmann, Farrell Evans, November 26, 2007Through his rise and fall, Michael Vick stayed loyal to a tight circle of friends --homeboys who used him and ultimately sold him out. He's not the first pro athlete to be swallowed up by his old neighborhood.

What's Next For Michael Vick? By L. Jon Wertheim, Jack McCallum, July 13, 2009The disgraced quarterback has already paid a greater price for his crime than most wayward athletes. The punishment doesn't necessarily end with his federal sentence, however. The NFL commissioner and the public still sit in judgment.

Starting Here, Starting Now By Jim Gorant, October 04, 2010Michael Vick's promotion with the Eagles could be a new day for dogs, dog lovers -- and himself.