Georgetown, Kentucky, UConn and Minnesota storm top 10; Duke at 1

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At some point in this week's Power Rankings, you'll come across an ex-player quoting an ex-coach saying, "Basketball fights last two punches. Make sure you throw both of them." That coach -- you'll have to read on to reveal his identity -- was referring to actual fistfights, which occurred more often when his empire was at its height. But last night I felt as if I watched a two-punch basketball fight in Kansas City: Duke slugged Kansas State early, and its star, Jacob Pullen, stumbled around in a daze for the rest of the rout. The beatdown served as an affirmation that Duke is the right No. 1 -- and an invitation to overhaul some of the top 10, from which the Wildcats have disappeared.

NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

Dropped Out: Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Butler, Michigan State, Syracuse.

The Next 16: 17. Michigan State (in purgatory for the Chaminade scare and UConn loss back-to-back). 18. Syracuse. 19. Florida. 20. UNLV. 21. Memphis. 22. Missouri. 23. West Virginia. 24. Wisconsin. 25. Washington. 26. Old Dominion. 27. Tennessee. 28. Louisville. 29. Butler. 30. Illinois. 31. Arizona. 32. Vanderbilt.

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