After epic Iron Bowl comeback, Auburn finally claims top spot

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The moment Nevada kicker Anthony Martinez's game-winner sailed between a set of middle school-height uprights to crush Boise State's national title dreams, I turned to my server at a Birmingham sports bar and asked if the place served crow. Alas, the kitchen was closed.

So I'll have to have a huge, steaming pile of black bird here instead. I was wrong about Boise State. Spectacularly wrong. I thought the Broncos could beat any team in the country. Turns out they couldn't beat every team in the WAC. So for the second time this season, the weekly Disgrace to the University Award goes to me.

As for the Told You So e-mail of the week, there were so many good ones from which to choose that I couldn't pick just one. You heaped abuse upon me, and I deserved every bit of it.

Here's one from Chuck in Cincinnati: "Isn't Boise State awesome? You said they could beat anybody you ranked below them, and that was a lot of teams. Oh, except an overrated-on-a-cupcake schedule No. 19 Nevada. I'm sure Boise is really good, though, like you said. At least they only gave up 584 yards and 34 points because they have such solid defense. So that's really good. Like UTAH! Oh, right. Well, there's always TCU!"

Here's another from Mike in Covington, La.: "Hope you enjoy crow for Thanksgiving. Boise State doesn't deserve anything close to the accolades you and your fellow media "wishful thinkers" have given them this year. You guys were so in the tank for them. It was very sad for the integrity of your profession. Please take your "blue" colored glasses off. LOSER!"

You guys do love your Caps Lock key.

My favorite note came from Kyle in Austin, Texas: "I cannot believe you actually thought Boise State was that good. We can only hope that your employers at SI will now remove you from covering college football and reassign you to covering some herring eating contest in a desolate dive bar somewhere in the middle of Alaska. Sheesh! As readers and college football fans, we could be so lucky!"

I may as well get a head start on my new career. Without further ado, I bring you's Herring Eating Power Rankings:

Pickled Division
1. Sven Svensson
2. Lisbeth Salander
3. Takeru Kobayashi

Barbecued Division
1. Andy Staples
2. Joey Chestnut
3. Sonya Thomas

Red Division
1. Colonel Mustard
2. Miss Havisham
3. Severus Snape

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