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Hot Clicks: Behati Prinsloo; LeBron James chant cheat sheet


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As you know (thanks to the hype provided by Hot Clicks), the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired last night. Even athletes like Packers linebacker Clay Matthewswere intrigued by the event, although he was unhappy about not being able to watch the models do their thing in 3-D. If you missed the show, you can watch the full episode (or just shorter video clips) here, and peruse photos here. As you can see from the picture above of model Behati Prinsloo, sports were even represented on the show. Apparently, Victoria's Secret caught World Cup fever over the summer.

The Happy Recap

Behati Prinsloo :: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Are these the names of a college football quarterback or a romance novel leading man?

Quiz Time

We're now a day away from LeBron James' return to Cleveland -- and his former fans are very prepared: This is the official "Chant Sheet" that explains exactly what should be said for fans who will be in attendance for Thursday night's game.

Instructions For Cavs Fans

If you are one of the folks fortunate enough to watch the Heat visiting the Cavaliers on Thursday, you may want to invest in this "Lyin' King" T-shirt. If you're a little sick of the LeBron hate, then this Miami Heat T-shirt that's been transformed into a "Hate" shirt might be a better option.

Attire For Cavs Fans

Lyin' King ::

SI Recommends

Loyal Hot Clicks readers know that I'm a big proponent of celebrations, so this one, featuring a hockey player tapping a sign (through the glass) after scoring a goal, gets a big thumbs up.

Let's Hope This Catches On

Via comes this video of WWE-themed wedding introductions. Not only does one guy come out to Bret Hart's music while wearing Bret Hart's sunglasses, but the groom does the Mr. Perfect towel toss. Oh, I forgot one other thing: THE COUPLE GOT HOWARD FINKEL TO DO THE INTRODUCTIONS! (Full disclosure: A few months back, I thought I was doing to be doing a podcast for and get Howard Finkel voice over the introduction. If the podcast ever gets off the ground, I will use it and it will be the greatest moment of my career.)

Greatest Wedding Intros Ever

Dwight Howard had some fun at Derek Anderson's expense last night.

Sports Video Of The Day

I've tried to resist from posting trick shots recently because they're kind of played out, but this one is too good to pass up.

Trick Shot Video Of The Day