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Offseason shopping spree makes re-loaded Red Sox team to beat

As the children in Philadelphia are undoubtedly trying to rush delivery of a revised wish list to the North Pole, hoping Santa Claus can add a Cliff Lee No. 33 jersey to their holiday haul, folks in Boston have a choice to make on their apparel choice: a Carl Crawford jersey, an Adrian Gonzalez jersey . . . or both? Fans in both cities have no doubt replaced the visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads with fantasies of a World Series trophy.

In the spirit of this holiday season, I give you a gift of my own: a special offseason edition of's MLB Power Rankings.

Pitchers and catchers begin reporting in two months, but with most of the top free agents off the board, save Adrian Beltre and Rafael Soriano, the 2011 baseball season is starting to take shape. But if teams were to begin play today, this is how they'd stack up.

Note: Transactions only include expected major-league players. An asterisk (*) denotes a free agent who has not yet signed elsewhere and thus could return.

MLB Power Rankings