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The Scouting Edition: Buckeyes hit top three behind beastly Sullinger

This is the statistical backlash edition of the Power Rankings, in which minimal references to efficiency are made, and a multitude of (anonymous) assistants chime in with authentic scouting report intel. Enjoy, starting with the same No. 1 as always -- Duke:

NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

Checked In: Kentucky

Dropped Out: UNLV

The Next 18: 17) Texas A&M; 18) Michigan State; 19) Purdue; 20) Louisville; 21) Notre Dame; 22) Minnesota; 23) Wisconsin; 24) Northwestern; 25) Washington; 26) Texas; 27) UNLV; 28) Central Florida; 29) Memphis; 30) Old Dominion; 31) Boston College; 32) Vanderbilt; 33) North Carolina; 34) Temple.

(If you'd like to send the Power Rankings a note -- but preferably not about the order of the teams, because that's a profoundly dull topic you shouldn't waste your energy on -- I'm here.)