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Hot Clicks: Gisele Bundchen; Ed Reed catches fire on sideline

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Jimmy is out until after the New Year so you're stuck with me for the next 10 days. I'm not sure what else to say about Tom Brady -- the Patriots look unstoppable, he never throws interceptions and even has teammates comparing him to a Voltron (whatever that is). But don't lose track of Brady's biggest achievement, marrying a Brazilian supermodel. So let's take the focus off the field and check out Complex's "Guide to Gisele Bundchen's Best Back Shots."

Brady's Biggest Achievement

Gisele Bundchen :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Niners coach Mike Singletary was fired after losing to the Rams, but I'm not sure if this sideline argument with quarterback Troy Smith had anything to do with it ... Ravens safety Ed Reed's jacket caught on fire ... Cowboys quarterback Stephen McGee got beat up by a penalty flag ... Even Barack Obama is a Michael Vick fan (wonder how Bo feels about that).

NFL Roundup

The rise of ESPN and the Internet has substantially reduced the role of the local sports anchor. But if anyone in Chicago is reading this, can we please get five-year-old Joey (the Junior Journalist) his own show. This is 20 times more entertaining that anything I've seen on Sportscenter this year.

Future of Journalism?

Hot Clicks would like to congratulate 84-year-old Hugh Hefner, who got engaged to 24-year-old former Playmate Crystal Harris over the weekend. In the above photo (with Joe Namath), Hefner is 47, a time when most men are well into their back nine of scoring beautiful women. Not Hef, who has this beauty to wake up to every morning of his life.

The Fabulous Life Of Hugh Hefner

Joe Namath and Hugh Hefner :: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

I like this collection of athletes unable to complete a simple high five.

Celebrations Turned Ugly

Here's a gallery of unusual toilet paper.

I Was Way Too Amused By This

It's hard not to like White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle after reading this story ... Seton Hall guard Jeremy Hazell was shot in the armpit and ribs during a robbery attempt on Christmas Day ... Signs with spelling mistakes ... Conan O'Brien had to issue an apology for lifting Jimmy Kimmel's material.

Random Links

Check out Peyton Manning show off his rocket speed.

Peyton's Speed Video Of The Day

This free throw by Idaho State's Kamil Gawrzydek can't decide whether it wants to go in or not.

Crazy Free Throw Video Of The Day