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Aaron Rodgers (Related Stories)

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Aaron Rodgers stories in the SI Vault

Beware Of The Bears By Austin Murphy, September 20, 2004Exciting things are afoot in Berkeley, where high-scoring Cal is in the Pac-10 hunt thanks to quarterback Aaron Rodgers and brilliant young coach Jeff Tedford.

Welcome To The ClubBy Chris Ballard, July 7, 2008This season, the Packers' Aaron Rodgers will join the brotherhood of quarterbacks who've succeeded a legend -- and as his fellow members can tell him, it's not an enviable role.

Rodgers Carving Own Pack LegacyBy Damon Hack, September 22, 2008You don't erase Brett Favre's legacy in a season or maybe ever, but Aaron Rodgers is proving that you can build something beside it, throw by throw, victory by victory, and let history take care of the rest.

Green Bay Packers Season PreviewBy Lee Jenkins, September 7, 2009 If the No. 1 back regains his form and the reconfigured defense comes together, the Pack will have a playoff shot.

Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood By Damon Hack, October 11, 2010Once the kingdom of Favre, Green Bay now is ruled by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has the Packers feeling fine and looking like Super Bowl contenders.