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Hot Clicks: Blake Lively; Super Bowl can give heart attack

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A dating website recently surveyed 1,000 single people to find out if they'd rather have sex or watch the Super Bowl. There are plenty of jokes to be made here, but I'll just tell you that 73 percent of the women said they'd rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex, while 50 percent of men opted for the big game over bedroom activity. For those who opted for the game over the bedroom, just be careful because the Super Bowl could trigger a heart attack.

Super Bowl Week = Nonsense Like This

Super Bowl :: AP

Since so many non-NFL fans watch the Super Bowl, you may want to impress them during the game with your knowledge of how the yellow first-down marker works. You can get all the information in this piece by Mental Floss.

It's Not Just Magic

Chipper Jonesrecently tried his hand at being an airplane gate agent. ... Here's some analysis of the Super Bowl Brett Favre prop bet. ... A homeless couple from Green Bay is going to the Super Bowl, all expenses paid.

Random Links has just released its annual Top 99 Most Desirable Women list. The leggy Blake Lively tops the list while Minka Kelly rounds it out at No. 99.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Blake Lively :: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Remember when Hot Clicks ran that poll to determine which three Super Bowl moments Jaime Edmondson would recreate for a photoshoot? The winners were Don Beebe knocking the ball away from Leon Lett, John Elway launching himself toward the end zone against the Packers and David Tyree's circus catch against the Patriots. The photos can be found right here. And don't forget to vote for Jaime for Playboy's Playmate of the Year.

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Speaking Of Desirable Women...

First, let me say, I swear on Derek Jeter's life I had nothing to do with this. OK, here's the story. A few weeks ago, the person behind the website Really Funny E-mails submitted a link to his site to be included in Hot Clicks. I checked it out, thought it was amusing and linked it up. Apparently, the site got a nice traffic bump and they wanted to thank me. So, they wrote an e-mail about how much they love Hot Clicks and yours truly -- and sent it to Here's how the exchange with the World Wide Leader went.

I'm Flattered, I Think

This video comes from the French league. Watch how the player who misses two free throws -- with his team up 73-72 -- redeems himself. (Thanks to Chris Kowalczyk, of Richmond, Va.,. for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

This cabbie does one of the best Michael Jackson impersonations you'll ever see.

Impression Video Of The Day

While there are plenty of NFL experts out there covering the Super Bowl, I aim to give you what you really want. So, Access Hollywood special correspondent and author of the upcoming book The EveryGirl's Guide to Life," Maria Menounos, will be filing videos throughout the week from Dallas just for Hot Clicks Nation.

Maria Menounos Super Bowl Video Of The Day