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Hot Clicks: Sarah Shahi; roof blows off Wrigley Field

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My apologies, but this will be an abbreviated version of Hot Clicks thanks to a commute from hell this morning. There will be a full edition this afternoon. Unfortunately, I had trouble making it to the office because the Long Island Railroad is inept, not because I was out playing in the snow and making creative displays like the one above, sent in by Bud, of Baltimore, who said his cousin's neighbor in West Virginia made this Super Bowl snow display last week.

Weather Issues

Super Bowl XLV

I look forward to playing this bingo/drinking game on Sunday.

Speaking Of The Super Bowl...

Part of Wrigley Field's roof went flying off last night during Chicago's wild blizzard.

And Speaking Of The Bad Weather...

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SI Recommends

Actress Sarah Shahi was featured in Hot Clicks a couple of weeks ago, but just released this new gallery and it needs to be shared.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Sarah Shahi ::

Puck Daddy has a great look at the best moments of fans in the stands imitating players and coaches from around the NHL.

The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

Maria Menounos, the Access Hollywood special correspondent and author of the upcoming book The EveryGirl's Guide to Life, is sending Hot Clicks exclusive video from Dallas, where she is covering the Super Bowl. Here she is from yesterday's Media Day, where she gave Packers linebacker Clay Matthews a thrill.

Maria Menounos Super Bowl Video Of The Day