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Hot Clicks: Leighton Meester; LeBron James vs Dwight Howard

Get all previous editions of Hot Clicks here. Follow Jimmy Traina on Twitter here. Become a fan of Hot Clicks on Facebook here. E-mail a comment, question or link here. has compiled YouTubes of the 50 greatest play-by-play moments in sports history. Al Michaels' famous "do you believe in miracles" call is not No. 1.

Magical Moments Behind The Mic

Al Michaels :: Jeff Fishbein/Icon SMI

LeBron James torched the Magic for 51 points last night. Reports say the King was extra motivated because Dwight Howard ticked him off.

You Don't Mock The Powder Toss!

The first minute and 20 seconds of last night's Stars-Bruins game featured three fights, two goals and a pulled goaltender.

Supersized Start

I've mentioned Minka Kelly enough lately (see below), but I want to make sure you know that her movie, The Roommate, comes out this weekend, so I'm featuring her co-star, Leighton Meester.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Leighton Meester :: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Clutch Blog has compiled the 14 greatest NFL fan freak-out videos on YouTube.

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SI Recommends

Fanatics In Action

Howard Stern, who joined Twitter yesterday, was on the Late Show with David Letterman last night and was so damn funny that even Dave's late-night competition praised the appearance. If you want to see the King of all Media in action, here is Part I and Part II. Meanwhile, before Jimmy Kimmel praised Dave and Howard, he was interviewing Kim Kardashian on his show. Here is Part I and Part II, in which she talks about her boyfriend, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries. Last, but not least, Minka Kelly was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Click this and fast-forward to the 30:55 mark for her appearance.

Late Night Bonanza

In case you missed this in yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, the Access Hollywood special correspondent and author of the upcoming book The EveryGirl's Guide to Life, who is covering Super Bowl XLV for Hot Clicks, hung out in Dallas on Wednesday with SI Swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker. They chatted, shot some pool and gave a shout-out to you, members of Hot Clicks Nation.

Maria Menounos Super Bowl Video Of The Day

Age isn't a factor when it comes to people having strong feelings about Ben Roethlisberger. (Thanks to William Linville, of Indianapolis, for the link.)

Baby Video Of The Day

The band Buckcherry has a new single out titled It's a Party. And the group's used a montage of NFL touchdown celebrations for the song's video.

Music Video Of The Day