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Morning Jolt: Mavericks willing to rent 'Melo

Friday, February 4

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Mavericks willing to rent 'Melo

Mark Cuban would be open to acquiring Carmelo Anthony for the rest of the season -- theoretically, of course. Without speaking about Anthony by name, [Cuban said Tuesday] at the Garden that Dallas would be willing to acquire a player of that caliber as a free-agent-to-be rental. "Yeah, in a heartbeat. Because then it's up to me to try to convince them to stay," Cuban said. ... Along with the Knicks, Nets and Rockets, Dallas is interested in Anthony, and Houston also has been mentioned as a rental option. Cuban wouldn't reveal the Mavericks' interest in Anthony. "I can't talk about other teams' players, but I'm always trying to be opportunistic," Cuban said. "If someone wanted to offer me a perennial All-Star for a second-round pick, I'm going to say yes." (New York Post)Comment

Pettitte a Hall of Famer?

Is a Hall of Fame career coming to an end for Andy Pettitte? Having pitched for the Yankees for so many years is going to help Pettitte, obviously. He won more games because he pitched for the Yankees, and he won more postseason games because he pitched for the Yankees. Does he deserve a bunch of bonus points for his postseason action? Not really. ... But some bonus points, yes. Pettitte's fortunate that he kept his ERA below 4. Otherwise, it would be difficult to separate him from David Wells, who won 239 games with an outstanding winning percentage, and pitched for the Yankees (if not for nearly as long). By the Hall of Fame's historical standards, Andy Pettitte is a marginal candidate who did everything well but nothing brilliantly, and would probably be enshrined after a moderately long wait. (SB Nation)Comment

Pack built to contend for years

The Packers may just be getting warmed up. What if this season is the first in a string of pearls, the way 1961 was for the Packers? They won an NFL championship that year, and four more over the next six seasons. There is evidence to suggest these talented Packers have staying power. They are young. They are injured. And they still are a Super Bowl team. ... The Packers probably have the most impressive nucleus of any team in the league. "It's really good," one pro scout said. "There are a lot of teams that would love to trade rosters with them." (Chicago Tribune)Comment

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Mavericks at Celtics, 8 p.m. ET, ESPN

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  • 1969 -- John Madden is named head coach of NFL's Oakland Raiders.
  • 1987 -- Kings score only four points in first quarter against Lakers; fewest in a period since introduction of 24-second shot clock in 1954.
  • 1991 -- Hall of Fame's board of directors votes 12-0 to bar Pete Rose.
  • 1993 -- Marge Schott suspended from baseball for one year due to racism.