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Hot Clicks: Teresa Palmer: Every Blake Griffin dunk this season

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Deadspin has spliced togetherBlake Griffin's 140 dunks this season to make one video.

The Ultimate Blake Show

Blake Griffin :: David Sherman/Getty Images

What have we learned from the continuing saga of Carmelo Anthony? Aside from the fact that the media hasn't had a clue about what's going to happen to him, it's that 'Melo is just likeRonnie and Sammi from Jersey Shore.

'Melo Mania

What do you do when your car is stuck in the snow? In the case of these two guys from Calgary, you "borrow" a Zamboni to help you out.

This Seems Logical

Actress Teresa Palmer stars in I Am Number Four, in theaters this weekend, and gets today's LLOD honors.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Teresa Palmer ::

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We told you yesterday that a Broadway play about the rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird is in the works. Clutch Blog offers its casting suggestions.

Casting Call

Adam says, "If there is any team that needs the All-Star break, it is the Utah Jazz. We've lost of coach, there is contention in the locker room, our star may want out, and worst of all, we may not make the playoffs. This video explains perfectly the emotions of a Jazz fan." To say this video is depressing would be a huge understatement.

Sports Video Of The Day

Drew H. of Nashville, sent in this fancy shot.

Putt-Putt Video Of The Day

Super Moby Putt Putt - Watch more Funny Videos

Cale Stacy, of Stillwater, Okla., says, "Please post this. He has to perform something else if he hits a certain number. Much appreciated." I can't wait to see what he has in store for the encore.

Crash Through A Table Video Of The Day