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Hot Clicks: Rima Fakih; Dusty Baker's tells shocking story from Cubs days

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With football now a distant memory and baseball just starting up, basketball has taken centerstage. That means that every day, I'm sent videos of slam dunks. Personally, they bore me to tears. But Hot Clicks isn't about me, it's about you. Actually, it's about me a little bit since I like to force Kim Kardashian down your throats, talk Yankees and pimp my Twitter page, but I digress. Anyway, please vote in this poll.

Help Me Help You

JaVale McGee :: Noah Graham/Getty Images has compiled the 15 funniest plays from the NBA's first half.

Speaking Of Basketball...

Reds skipper Dusty Baker claims that the end of his tenure with the Cubs was so bad that someone actually, um, relieved themselves, near Baker's spot in the dugout.

Somebody Did Dusty Wrong

Rima Fakih was named Miss USA for 2010, but she wants to prove that she's more than just beauty. She's going to compete in WWE's Tough Enough reality series, in which the winning contestant lands a contract with the wrestling organization. We wish Rima luck and give her today's LLOD honors. (Thanks to Joe R. of Pickerington, Ohio, for the tip.)

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Rima Fakih :: Steven Lawton/FilmMagic

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SI Recommends

A couple of weeks ago we linked to's feature that allowed you to watch every dunk from every slam dunk contest. The site is back with another gem for hoops fans. This one is a collection of the NBA's greatest shots.

One-Stop Shopping

The votes aren't in yet about dunks, but I'm posting one below for you. The reason why I'm doing it is to show you that Blake Griffin was not the first player to dunk over a car. Marko Milic, who played 44 career games in two seasons with the Suns, did it in 1995. (Thanks to Jernej Svetic for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

A couple of weeks ago, I featured a video of Northern Iowa basketball fans doing some coordinated cheers/dances. They stepped up their game this gem. (Thanks to John, of Atlanta, for the link.)

Fans Dancing Video Of The Day

Kaushik, of Mount Sinai, N.Y., says, "Jimmy, I'm sure posting this video will start a real vs fake debate, but as a physics major, I'm pretty sure it's real. Check it out."

Making Water Stand Up Video Of The Day