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Hot Clicks: Emmy Rossum: Carmeol Anthony and wife get reality show

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Normally, I'd start out an item like this by saying, "If you need a job..." But this one is so good, I might suggest quitting the job you have for this opportunity. Major League Baseball is looking for someone to watch games and blog.

You Can Get Paid To Do This

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The Carmelo Anthony saga will live on via a VH-1 series titled La La's Full Court Life. The reality show is centered around Anthony's wife, La La Vazquez, and will focus on the couple's "sudden" move to New York.

More 'Melo Drama

Reports sayDeron Williams wasn't happy about being traded from the Jazz to the Nets today. Hornets guard Chris Paul tweeted his displeasure, too.

Not Jazzed

Several readers over the past few weeks have requested that actress Emmy Rossum get this honor, so today is finally the day.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Emmy Rossum :: David Becker/Getty Images

This photo story will get you prepared for tonight's Indiana-Purdue game.

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Story Time

Vanderbilt's mascot gave a fan a bloody nose last night.

Mean Mascot

ESPN talker Tony Kornheiserwent off on Yankees ownerHank Steinbrenner yesterday, calling him a "gasbag" among other things. While that may be true, what's amusing about this is that Kornheiser, who hosts a radio show in Washington, has asked his guests not to talk about Redskins owner Dan Snyder on his show. In fact, Kornheiser has not even discussed the lawsuit that Snyder brought against Washington City Paper.

Credibility Issues

Here's one of the more creative ways to get a soccer player to commit a foul. (Thanks to Matt, of Downey, Calif., for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

With the Oscars taking place this Sunday, here are 50 movie spoilers in three minutes from movies that came out in 2010. The video starts with the 10 films nominated for Best Picture.

Movie Spoilers Video Of The Day