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Hot Clicks: Maryna Linchuk; Chris Bosh's flop; Floyd Mayweather cake

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Yesterday's was boxer Floyd Mayweather's birthday. Luckily for us, he Tweeted a picture of his birthday cake. What do you think the gold watch on the bottom left tastes like? I bet it's not nearly as good as this.

When A Simple Carvel Cake Won't Do...

Floyd Mayweather cake :: Via @FloydMayweather

The award for best acting by a third wheel goes to Chris Bosh.

Since It's Oscar Weekend...

When Carmelo Anthony got traded to the Knicks, the Madison Square Garden Network started running a melodramatic (no pun intended), over-the-top ad that you can watch right here. The ad paid off, apparently, because 'Melo's debut was MSG's highest-rated Knicks game in 16 years. And now the Internet has come through yet again because someone has now made a similar ad for Jared Jeffries, who is reportedly on his way back to New York. (Thanks to Ben, for the link.)

Solid Spoof

Maryna Linchuk is a Victoria's Secret model, who, for some reason, has never been in Hot Clicks before. I'm rectifying that now.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Maryna Linchuk :: Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

Celtics fans are not happy with the trades GM Danny Ainge made yesterday. ... Jets linebacker Bart Scottis joining TNA Wrestling. ... Notable Red Sox fans Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are making a movie about Yankees pitchers Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson, who swapped wives in the '70s.

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Random Links

Are you ready for The 24 Hour Chicken Channel? (Thanks to Craig, of Toronto, for the link.)

Bizarre Story Of The Day

The story of Nick Schrank is incredible. I don't have the space to give you all the details, but after numerous injuries in high school and college, Schrank is trying to get NFL scouts to notice him. You can read his story here. Check out his website here. Follow him on Twitter here. And most of all, watch him in the video below. (Thanks to Sarah Spain for the tip.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Shawn, of, Donaldson Pa., sent in the video below as well as this perfect description: "Guy's house burns down and he gets interviewed...while he's friggin' hammered."

Live TV Video Of The Day

Lars, of Hudson, Wis., says, "You need to feature this Kate Upton video to keep the trend going." If you don't know what Lars means by "trend," Upton was featured in yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks. Check it out if you missed it.

Kate Upton Video Of The Day