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Final Edition: Ohio State tops board as 2010-11 regular season closes


This is the final edition of the 2010-11 Power Rankings. It has been a labor of love, and insanity, resulting in a season full of Wednesday-to-Thursday all-nighters. Thanks to everyone who read and/or wrote in; I hope you found some of it enjoyable, or at least learned something.

Only three points before we get down to real business:

• Ohio State is my final No. 1 team because the Buckeyes are most deserving as of right now ... and because I think they're going to win the national championship.

• This is not always the case, but since we're closing in on the NCAA tournament, teams 1-4 are my No. 1 seeds, teams 5-8 are my No. 2s, 9-12 are my No. 3s and 13-16 are my No. 4s. George Mason is No. 17 not because I think it's a 5 seed ... I just think the Patriots will be the scariest mid-major in the field, and find it shocking that they're not yet in the AP poll. The rest of this document is free of bracketology. That's Mr. Glockner's department, and you're likely to OD on it next week.

• The visual contest is at the end this time, and it's less of a contest than an invitation to a Twitter/Jimmer afterparty. You'll see.

NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

Checked In: St. John's, Kentucky

Dropped Out: Arizona, Georgetown

SI Recommends

The Next 16: 17) George Mason, 18) Utah State, 19) Kansas State, 20) Xavier, 21) UConn, 22) Georgetown, 23) UCLA, 24) Arizona, 25) Vanderbilt, 26) Cincinnati, 27) Gonzaga, 28) Texas A&M, 29) Missouri, 30) UNLV, 31) Temple, 32) Belmont.

And if you've read this far, and want to participate in a pointless, time-wasting, but mildly amusing exercise, I'd like to invite you to tweet @lukewinn with your best Photoshops of the Jimmer image below, an AP pic that was sent to me by @dhm. He called it the "best college basketball photo of the year" (not sure about that, but I do like it), and passed along a .psd cutout for your convenience. Happy Photoshopping:

And my entry into the contest: The Jimmerluge ...