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Hot Clicks: Megan Abrigo; Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery call soccer

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Besides the upsets, buzzer-beaters and brackets, the best thing about next week will be listening to Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery. Via Sportress of Blogitude comes this gem that shows us what it would be like if the duo called a soccer game.

The Stars Of March

Gus Johnson, Bill Raftery :: Getty Images

During those buzzer-beaters and upsets, the camera will inevitably pan over to the benches, where you'll see a guy who doesn't play holding back his teammates who are overcome with excitement. To learn more about this player, read this very amusing Diary of a Bench Bouncer.

Speaking Of The NCAA Tournament...

Kobe Bryant was so unhappy about his performance against the Heat last night that he went back onto the court after the game and practiced his jump shot.

Late Night At The Office

Not only does Daniel Tosh have a hit on his hands with Tosh.0, he's also dating modelMegan Abrigo.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Megan Abrigo :: Arnold Turner/Getty Images

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Random Links

If you'd like to help out those affected by the horrific earthquake and tsunami in Japan, here's a link to the Red Cross' website.

On A Serious Note...

It doesn't get much dirtier than squeezing a guy's sensitive area.

Sports Video Of The Day

I don't know if this is real, but I do know you should always think twice before stealing someone's parking spot. (Thanks to for the video.)

Revenge Video Of The Day