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Hot Clicks: Jennifer Morrison; Bruce Pearl's greatest hits

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Michigan's 30-point toppling of Tennessee not only ended the Vols season, but may be the end of the line for Bruce Pearl. The loquacious Vols coach has been in Knoxville since 2005, but is currently in the doghouse with Tennessee Athletics Director Mike Hamilton after committing various recruiting violations and then lying to NCAA officials during an investigation. I hope someone else gives Pearl a shot. What other coach raps at a talent show with his players, puts the moves on Erin Andrews and goes shirtless in the student section during a women's basketball game?

Bye Bye Bruce?

Bruce Pearl :: Bill Frakes/SI

They say rent in New York City is expensive. Amar'e Stoudemire, if he's reading this, is likely nodding his head. The New York Post revealed that he pays $37,500 monthly for his penthouse in the city's Meatpacking District. In fairness to Stoudemire, the apartment does have a recording studio and a barber shop. Want more excess? Here's a gallery of athlete's mega-mansions.

Stoudemire's Pricey Digs

This foosball table cost $68,000.

Speaking of Ridiculously Expensive Items

Today's LLOD is Jennifer Morrison, who once appeared on a Sports Illustrated for Kids cover with Michael Jordan (thanks to DM in New York for the suggestion).

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jennifer Morrison :: Toby Canham/Getty Images

Manchester City's Mario Balotelli was forced out of a game against Dynamo Kiev last Friday due to a swollen face, the result of an allergy to certain types of grass. What else do you expect from a guy who can't even even dress himself.

Dumb Injury Alert

Does your bracket look like this? ... The George Mason band tackles Rage Against the Machine ... Chris Boshdid an interview with Elle and discussed the NBA nightlife and pity hookups ... Grannies acting gangsta.

Random Links

This San Diego reporter isn't fazed after nearly getting taken out by a SUV.

Reporter Almost Run Over Video Of The Day

Jimmy Fallon (dressed as Bob Dylan) tackles the Charles in Charge theme song.

Charles in Charge Video Of The Day