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Hot Clicks: Ninel Conde; Red Sox take shot at Yankees in commercial

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Derek H., of New Jersey, e-mailed to say, "Jimmy, I thought since you are Yankees fan, you should post this for motivation this year. There's a pretty lame TV commercial playing on NESN, the network of the Red Sox (below is the link). At the 30-second mark, it shows a quick shot of the scoreboard standings, with the Sox at 102-60, winning the AL East by 28 games over the 74-88 Yankees (pic above). I would not give the veteran Yankees team any ammunition, especially since they seem to be liking the underdog role to the Sox. The Red Sox own NESN, so I'm surprised they would allow this." Well, a couple of things here. The Yankees ARE underdogs, so they'll just have to deal with it. And hopefully they don't need a commercial for motivation. But I give credit to the marketing people behind this campaign. The absurd standings make you take notice. Here is the full video.

The Favorites Are Feeling Fine

Red Sox

The figures are out for the best selling MLB jersey of 2010. A certain shortstop tops the list. Here is the top 10.

Speaking Of The Yankees....

Phillies pitcher Roy Oswaltwas hit in the head by a line drive during an exhibition game against the Rays today. Fortunately, the X-rays were negative.


Vahan Shakhbandaryan, of Glendale, Calif. suggested Mexican actress and singer Ninel Conde get some recognition, so she is today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ninel Conde :: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

For the ladies of Hot Clicks Nation, have put together their ideal 2011 MLB team based on players' looks.

Equal Opportunity

This isn't just the sign of the day. It's also the story of the day. A Tennessee family upset at the firing of basketball coach Bruce Pearl took to the oak tag. The result was a funny misspelling -- and explanation for the error.

Sign Of The Day

This is kind of mesmerizing.

Car Towing Video Of The Day

When a 92-year-old woman gets frisky, watch out.

News Report Video Of The Day