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Chicago Cubs (Related Stories)

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Chicago Cubs stories in the SI Vault

Leo's Bums Rap For The Cubs By Robert H. Boyle, June 30, 1969Chicago's genteel old North Side has a pennant contender after lo these many years, egged on by a raucous bleacher section and -- Mr. Wrigley should chew on another cud -- the irrepressible Durocher.

One Place That Hasn't Seen The Light By E.M. Swift, July 07, 1980Chicago's Wrigley Field has grass on the ground and ivy on the walls and is the only park where there are never any night games.

Waiting On Deck For A Shipload Of Money By Steve Wulf, December 10, 1984Rick Sutcliffe is in the easy chair as the Cubs attempt to salvage last season's pitching staff.

Rolling a 7 By Tim Kurkjian, March 16, 1992That's 7, as in $7.1 million, the new annual salary of the Chicago Cubs' Ryne Sandberg. His record contract has players feeling lucky and owners feeling busted.

Be Like Ernie By Tom Verducci, September 25, 1995Maybe not. After all, the exemplary Ernie Banks, like many big-name players today, never saw the light of postseason play.

The Education Of Sammy Sosa By Tom Verducci, June 29, 1998Having learned that his personal goals and those of the team can be reached with a single stroke, the Cubs slugger produced the greatest home run streak the game has ever seen.

Aces In The Hole By Daniel G. Habib, July 07, 2003The Cubs' farm system is well-stocked with pitchers who throw hard and rack up strikeouts.