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NCAA Tournament (Related Stories)

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NCAA Tournament stories in the SI Vault

Bravo For The Baron By Frank Deford, March 07, 1966A new, mellow Adolph Rupp last week led his undefeated Kentucky Wildcats past Tennessee and into the hazardous role of favorite for an unprecedented fifth national collegiate basketball championship.

Cincy Goes For A ThirdBy John Underwood, March 11, 1963The Bearcats should win the NCAA basketball title again, but there will be the Blue Devil to pay if Duke gets hot.

Beaten Once But Far From OutBy Joe Jares, March 17, 1969After 41 straight, UCLA lost -- to USC. That is just one of the reasons why the Bruins and towering Lew Alcindor are favored to win an unprecedented third national championship in a row.

Head Over Heels In LoveBy Curry Kirkpatrick, March 13, 1972North Carolina is flipping with team spirit. Now, if everybody can just master the shadowbox and the hook-back, the Heels could go places.

Who Can Handle The Hoosiers? By Curry Kirkpatrick, March 24, 1975Indiana looked unbeatable in its tournament opener, but the Wildcats -- and others -- could give it claws to regret.

Neatness Counts For The Falcons By E.M. Swift, March 12, 1979The team from tidy little Bowling Green aims to sweep to the NCAA tournament.

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Hey, You'd Be Hog Wild, Too By Currry Kirkpatrick, March 23, 1981Arkansas' upset of Louisville set off a mad scene at Austin. That's how things went all over in the NCAAs last week.

One Devil Of A Team By Curry Kirkpatrick, March 17, 1986No. 1-ranked Duke charged into the NCAAs after knocking off Georgia Tech for the ACC title.

Points Well MadeBy Alex Wolff, March 28, 1988In the high-scoring NCAAs, the Atlantic 10 put two teams in the final 16.

What A Trip By Alex Wolff, March 30, 1992Our intrepid reporter witnessed nine games, covered 14,000 miles, boarded 14 airplanes and caught one cold during the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament.

The First Fan By Alexander Wolff, March 21, 1994President Clinton is hog-wild about the Arkansas Razorbacks and their chances of going all the way.

Big Shots By Alex Wolff, March 24, 1997Underdogs showed plenty of fight, but the top seeds prevailed to reach the Sweet 16 of the NCAAs.

Let's Get Physical By Alexander Wolff, March 30, 1998Kentucky, North Carolina, Stanford and Utah muscled their way into what promises to be a rugged Final Four.

Let The Madness Begin By Alexander Wolff, March 20, 2000Forget trying to figure out who's going to win. With every team suffering from some weakness, let us tell you how all but a final four will lose.

Once Upon A Time By Grant Wahl, March 27, 2006A trio of Cinderellas -- Bradley, George Mason and Wichita State -- joined dominant midmajor Gonzaga in a historic Sweet 16. Can the fairy tale continue all the way to the Final Four?