April 04, 2011

Designated Hitter stories in the SI Vault

Rx: A DH Factor For Baseball Ills By William Leggett, August 11, 1969A minor-league experiment that permits a permanent pinch-hitter to bat for the pitcher has put more pep into the offense.

The 10th Man ComethBy William Leggett, February 05, 1973The American League's designated hitter rule has sparked a storm of controversy -- and instant deepthink over who's going to swing for whom.

Off The Bike And Into The Box By William Leggett, May 07, 1973Baseball's designated hitters are not all sound of limb, but they are giving the game more punch than it has had.

The Dean Of The DHsBy Ron Fimrite, July 19, 1982 No designated hitter has been as successful for as long as Hal McRae of Kansas City, a full-time star at a part-time position.

Distinguished History By Steve Wulf, April 05, 1993Who was the first Designated Hitter? Ron Blomberg's name may be a bit of trivia, but the impact of the DH since '73 has not been trivial.

Who's Your Papi? By Tom Verducci, June 19, 2006What drives David Ortiz, the supersized Red Sox slugger, is his resentment of the ball club that did him wrong ... and the fighting spirit of his late mother, Angela Rosa.

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