April 04, 2011

Doug Collins stories in the SI Vault

Ol' Pick And A Lot Of SlickBy Curry Kirkpatrick, January 15, 1973Comin' On Toothpick-slim Doug Collins and a whole raft of clever ball handlers and shooters make up the finest class of backcourt men in some years.

Good, But Why Not The Best? By Curry Kirkpatrick, March 21, 1977With all its high-priced talent, Philadelphia was supposed to be awesome. Instead, it is an enigma -- and sometimes awful.

In An Orbit All His Own By Curry Kirkpatrick, November 09, 1987Whether he's pouring in points or putting together business deals, high-flying Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls is out of this world.

A Few Pieces Of Silver By Gary Smith, June 15, 1992Robbed of gold medals in Munich, the '72 U.S. Olympic basketball team will not betray its principles for...

2001 Washington Wizards PreviewBy Ian Thomsen, October 29, 2001Can Jordan pull off his greatest act of wizardry by carrying this mediocre crew to the postseason?

Sixer Fixer?By Chris Mannix, May 31, 2010In need of a major jolt, Philadelphia looks to a familiar turnaround artist.

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