By Sam Amick
April 14, 2011

The New Jersey Nets will partner with Houston and New York to host a workout for about 40 prospects on May 7 and 8 that could significantly affect the draft landscape, two sources told

The workout, which will take place at the Nets' training facility and is open for participation to all 30 NBA teams, will serve as a solution to the problems created by the NCAA's May 8 deadline by which underclassmen must withdraw to retain eligibility. Because the league's early-entrant deadline is April 24, teams are faced with a limited amount of time to evaluate underclassmen who might be available for the June 23 draft.

Thus, the group viewing has become necessary.

"[Prospects] literally can't go to all 30 places [to work out with teams in that time span]," said one executive whose team will attend. "At most, four or five workouts could be had [in that time]. So by doing the group thing, we lose any potential advantage we would have had if we could've secured the guy [for an exclusive workout], but our chances of not being able to see him are pretty slim from what they were. Before you were one of 30 [vying for a look], and now you're 50-50 whether a guy will come, and if he comes you're there."

The prospects will be allowed to compete in five-on-five drills. That caveat is a key factor for teams because they can host only six players in one-team workouts and see only three-on-three action as a result.

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