Morning Jolt: April 20, 2011

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Wednesday, April 20

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Odom's game affected by TV show

Lamar Odom, a day after receiving his sixth man award, is also the co-star of a reality show that paints him an occasionally unflattering light. Everyone contends that neither the Lakers nor one of their most important players suffered during the making -- and now, showing -- of the cheesy series about the married life of an NBA star and a D-League celebrity. But, still, one shaky game into the postseason, you have to wonder whether the "Khloe & Lamar" show is working out a lot better for Khloe than Lamar. ... One of the show's themes, even from the arrangement of names in the title, is that the Kardashian women are powerful enough to even push around an NBA star. I'm wondering how Odom can watch or hear about himself portrayed in this manner, then go out and easily become the aggressor on the basketball court. (Los Angeles Times)Comment

Seattle intent on keeping King Felix

With attendance figures hovering in the low teens, Seattle's willingness to trade Felix Hernandez is a numbers game. [Those] fans still shelling out big bucks to come to the ballpark might begin to wonder why they should bother if things don't turn around quickly. Their loyalty, trust and faith as a fanbase is being pushed to the limit right now like never before. And the team simply cannot risk anything that might sap any of those remaining feelings. A Hernandez trade would do just that. This team could lose more than 100 games once again this season (it was always going to struggle not to lose 90) and the last thing the M's need to do to compound that frustration is trade Hernandez. Do that this season and you may never get those lost fans back. (The Seattle Times)Comment

Miller snipes at buddy Briere

Wars of words are nothing new in the playoffs, though there is some unlikely subtext to sniping between pals Ryan Miller and Danny Briere. It got interesting when Miller relayed that Briere was chirping at him on the ice, trying to get into his head. "Yeah, because it's all fluff coming from him after the amount of years we've known each other. ... I respect his talent and I respect what he wants I try to do out there, and if you try to get the better of each other, and when he gets the better you know it's the headline. Even though he gets however many chances, if one goes in, it's a headline." Briere was caught off-guard late Tuesday by the remark when caught up with him. "Wow," Briere texted "He's definitely getting wrong info. First, I haven't said a word to him on the ice and off the ice, I've only had good things to say about him because of the respect I have for him." (

Must-See Photo

Antti Niemi of the San Jose Sharks reacts after allowing a goal by the Los Angeles Kings in the second period of game three of the Western Conference Quarterfinals.

Must-See Video

Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper and his furry friends from around the NBA challenge the Pistons.

Game To Watch

Hornets at Lakers, 10:30 p.m. ET, TNT

  1. New Orleans Hornets
  2. Los Angeles Lakers

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This Day in Sports

  • 1943 -- Braves manager Casey Stengel struck by a taxi, fractures leg
  • 1946 -- 1st baseball broadcast in Chicago, Cards vs Cubs
  • 1958 -- Canadiens beat Bruins 4 games to 2 for Stanley Cup
  • 1985 -- Carlos Lopes runs world record marathon (2:07:12)
  • 1988 -- Orioles set worst record to start a season 0-14 (will go 0-21)
  • 2008 -- Danica Patrick becomes 1st female driver in history to win an Indy car race.