Hot Clicks: Jaime Edmondson; Brandon Phillips says Mike Leake stole a win

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If this Sixers fan doesn't make you smile, you're a lost cause.

Fan Of The Day

Sixers fan ::

Soccer players + pool cue + horse play = this. (Thanks to Andy, of Washington, DC, for the link.)

Bizarre Injury Of The Day

On Monday, Hot Clicks posted video of Carrie Underwood winching as she watched husband Mike Fisher get in a fight during a Predators game. Here's Shakira going through the gamut of emotions while watching her boyfriend, Barcelona's Gerard Pique, in action during Wednesday's Copa Del Rey soccer match.

Concerned Girlfriend Of The Day

Grant Forman, of Ellicott, City, Md., says, "I caught Alison Brie on G4's Web Soup. She was helping to host the show. I think she deserves LLOD honors at some point." Here is that point.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Alison Brie :: Jordan Strauss/Getty Images

Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins, filling in for the injured Logan Morrison, hit his first career home run last night, a grand slam against the Pirates. This caused Florida's analyst to get very excited.

Call Of The Day

Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips, on pitcherMike Leake earning the win against the Diamondbacks on Thursday: "It feels good for him to steal a win like that." Next think you know, Phillips will be walking around the Cincinnati clubhouse wearing one of these T-shirts.

Quote Of The Day

Jaime Edmondson, who became a Hot Clicks Nation favorite thanks to her modeling of NFL jerseys, ventured into the baseball world last night when she threw out the first pitch at the Pirates-Marlins game. The former Miami Dolphins cheerleader reports that she threw a perfect strike. Edmondson, who has appeared on two seasons of the Amazing Race, was introduced as a two-time participant on the Great Race. The P.A. announcer must have been watching this and got distracted.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Jaime Edmondson

Just when you thought the Oregon Ducks uniforms couldn't get more bizarre, the team unveils camouflage jerseys for spring practices.

They're At It Again

Four years ago tomorrow, April 23, 2007, the first Hot Clicks was published. I can't thank you enough for the support, e-mails and link submissions. I'm always asked what my favorite story has been, who my favorite Lovely Lady has been, what's my favorite video, etc., etc. These questions are impossible to answer. There's just no way I can pick one. However, I can tell you that there is one video that will always stand out in my mind, and still to this day makes me laugh. It's this news clip that was supposed to be about injured Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett. Also, for more Hot Clicks, join our Facebook group and follow me on Twitter.

Four Years Of Hot Clicks

Tim, of Norman, Okla., says, "Hey, Jimmy, I love Hot Clicks, read it every day. I have for you a video of a Colorado Avalanche fan eating a worm after he lost a bet. We have been waiting for this for four months now and he finally made it happen. Let the world see!" Couple of things here. 1) Apparently, the fan, who is from Australia, went on a message board in November and said if Kevin Porter, who was just called up at the time, scored a game-winning goal against Dallas, he'd eat the worm. The lesson here is that making bets on message boards is never a good thing. 2) As if making the bet wasn't bad enough, the guy actually chews the worm instead of just swallowing it.

Betting Video Of The Day

Here is the latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

Many of you have sent in this video of Glee star Heather Morris dancing her butt off for Memo to Please see if you can get her Glee castmates Dianna Agron and Lea Michelle to do the same thing.

Dancing Video Of The Day