Colorado Rockies (Related Stories)

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Colorado Rockies stories in the SI Vault

Caught In The Draft By Tim Kurkjian and Steve Rushin, October 12, 1992 When Florida and Colorado get together for the expansion draft, it may go something like this. God help them if it does.

Rocky Mountain Fever By Rick Reilly, June 14, 1993Bitten by the baseball bug, Coloradans turn out in enormous numbers to cheer their puny Rockies.

Mere Child's Play By Tim Kurkjian, July 03, 1995Rockies fans love the little Kid lurking in the body of the hot-hitting Dante Bichette.

Vinny, Vidi, Vici By Gerry CallahanHe doesn't get the ink of a McGwire or a Griffey, but in only four seasons Vinny Castilla of Colorado has gone from utilityman to the Man.

Beltin'! By Austin Murphy, June 05, 2000By smashing pitches at a better than .400 clip, the Rockies' strapping Todd Helton has crashed the upper echelon of hitters.

ThrowbackBy Albert Chen, May 17, 2004Colorado hopes to solve its pitching woes with the old four-man rotation.

Twin PeaksBy Kelli Anderson, April 23, 2007Born just a month apart, the Rockies' Matt Holliday and Garrett Atkins think alike, are built alike and -- most important as they enter their prime -- mash alike

Rocktoberfest By Jack McCallum, October 15, 2007Out of thin air the Rockies have become more than a Cinderella story. They're a multidimensional juggernaut that's suddenly four wins from the World Series.