Hot Clicks: Megan Fox; Logan Morrison talks Twitter, selling used cast, more

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Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison is currently on the DL with a sprained arch in his foot. He was in the cast above for a week -- which he has now put on eBay for charity. If you follow Morrison on Twitter, this wouldn't surprise you one bit because it doesn't take long to see he's a fun guy with no filter. That also makes him the perfect podcast guest. Most of the show is about his Twitter prowess. We discussed how he befriended a Phillies fan on Twitter, whether he'd date someone he met on Twitter and whether he was serious when he recently Tweeted about suffering a manscaping injury. Download it on iTunes or listen to it below.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

Logan Morrison

As you read and listen to NFL Draft recaps this weekend, just keep this in mind.

Take All Draft Analysis With A Grain Of Salt

The Orlando Sentinel has no interest in being sensitive toward Magic fans who saw their team get eliminated Thursday night. With rumblings that center Dwight Howard could be traded, the paper's website has posted this interactive graphic where you can put him in another team's uniform. (Thanks to James D., of West Newbury, Mass., for the link.)

Superman's Suitors?

A few weeks ago, Hot Clicks told you about a Mariners beer vendor who takes orders via Twitter. The Phillies now have a vendor doing the same thing.

Twitter Orders Are Spreading

Since Logan Morrison was kind enough to do the Hot Clicks Podcast, I let him pick today's LLOD. He went with Megan Fox. Obviously, a fine choice.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Megan Fox :: Barry King/Getty Images

Former Padres general manager Kevin Towersrecently admitted that the organization used to mess with the radar gun readings for opposing pitchers to get in their head.

Homefield Advantage

The man who did Mike Tyson's face tattoo is suing Warner Brothers. He claims the studio has copied the design on Tyson's mug for the upcoming Hangover sequel. Seriously.

Lawsuit Of The Day

This was the best fan at the NFL Draft Thursday night.

Sports Video Of The Day

This "report" takes on Apple.

The Onion Video Of The Day

In The Know: Should The Nation's Unemployed Be Buying New Apple Computers?