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Memphis Grizzlies stories in the SI Vault

Down But Not Out By Austin Murphy, April 08, 1996As their NBA-record losing steak hit 22, the luckless Grizzlies got an F for futility but an A for effort.

One Bear Of A RookieBy David Fleming, January 27, 1997 Just 20, and a year removed from high school, Shareef Abdur-Rahim of the Grizzlies is a soaring talent.

Grizzled Veterans By Steve Rushin, April 23, 2001As Vancouver ended its NBA run, classy fans gave the franchise better than it deserved.

Pau Gasol Vs. European History By Chris Ballard, October 29, 2001The Grizzlies have bet their future that Pau Gasol is a different kind of foreign star.

Graced LandBy Jack McCallum, February 04, 2002 Memphis, which long burned with love for the college game, now has a pro club, too, not to mention a pair of bright new stars, both of whom would be king.

Uh-kay, You Have A 70-year-old Coach Named Hubie Now What Does That Mean? By Jack McCallum, March 08, 2004Hubie Brown's trademark patter and boundless energy have helped turn the sad-sack Grizzlies into a team that's roaring toward the playoffs.

Rook's Move? By Chris Mannix, January 26, 2009Having already proved himself as a shooting guard, O.J. Mayo is lobbying for a change of positions in Memphis.