Shortstops (Related Stories)

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Stories about shortstops in the SI Vault

Ten Who Shouldn't Be Sold Short By Robert W. Creamer, September 27, 1982Taking into consideration both fielding and hitting and imagining which player would be preferred in an even-up trade, here are the 10 best shortstops of all time.

No. 1 In His Field By Ron Fimrite, September 28, 1987A decade of brilliance has earned Ozzie Smith of the Cards a high place among the best shortstops ever.

Rip On A Tear By Tim Kurkjian, July 29, 1991Cal Ripken Jr., the Orioles' iron man, has never been better, on the field or at bat.

Forever A KidBy Peter Gammons, April 30, 1990Robin Yount has MVP talents worth millions but revels in high-risk fun with very big toys.

Long On Shortstops By Tom Verducci, February 24, 1997The Yankees' Derek Jeter is part of a rich crop of young players who are redefining the position.

Pivot Physics By Tom Verducci, March 26, 2001To solve the problem of turning two, a middle infielder must study the aerodynamics of the toss, the mass of the incoming runner and the angles at which to cross the bag.

Never BetterBy Joe Posnanski, November 11, 2009A longtime critic of Derek Jeter argues that the Yankees' captain was underappreciated in 2009.

Hanley Being Hanley By L. Jon Wertheim, May 31, 2010Florida's shortstop is a maddening player, for pitchers who face him and teammates who suffer his lapses in maturity. How good might Hanley Ramirez be if he just grew up?