Morning Jolt: Would Jackson take over Knicks?

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Monday, May 9

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Would Jackson take over the Knicks?

Perhaps it's for the best that Phil Jackson walk away. Yet, the NBA has changed dramatically for coaches, and this was a message to him: Go to Montana and never look back again. ... Rest assured, the list of suspects to lure Jackson out of retirement will be predictable, but flawed. The New York Knicks? Forget it. For Jackson, the Knicks represent his purest, most cherished memories in pro ball. He thinks of [Red] Holzman and his magical NBA championship teams with Reed and Frazier, Bradley and DeBusschere. To return there -- to sell Carmelo Anthony on the triangle, to navigate New York's back-stabbing, dysfunctional ownership -- would sully his Madison Square Garden memories. (Yahoo! Sports)Comment

Redskins to acquire Young?

Speculation over the weekend turned to Vince Young taking his talents to the Dolphins. I've concluded Vince Young would be a good option IF the price is right (FREE ... once Tennessee cuts him). But that's ONLY if he's mentally right, and motivated. Young's the quarterback that presents the greatest risk, but if you factor in his QB efficiency when healthy last year, and win-loss record, he's also the young quarterback who presents the most reward. ... Two years ago I banged the drum for the Dolphins to sign Michael Vick and got stoned, so go ahead and throw them ... But before you do look up Young's career stats and win-loss record. I'm hearing the Redskins are the front-runner for his services, so it'll be interesting to see if the Dolphins get in the game. (Sun-Sentinel)Comment

Padres ready to deal closer?

This season, the Padres' strengths are being wasted. Since Petco Park opened in 2004, the ball carries only slightly better there than if it were chained to the ankle of an inmate. The difference now is that the Padres' lineup is at such a low ebb that the back end of the bullpen becomes irrelevant on most nights. ... Eventually, and fairly soon, the Padres are going to have to make a decision about closer Heath Bell. Eligible for free agency at season's end, Bell had converted 41 straight saves before [Chase] Headley's throwing error caused him to blow one Friday night. A relief pitcher with that kind of record for reliability should be a popular commodity preceding the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, but it's worth wondering whether the Padres can afford to wait that long. (San Diego Union Tribune)Comment

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We have to imagine Phil Jackson, a coach with 11 titles to his credit, didn't think the final seconds of his career would end being heckled by the fans of a team that just laid a 36-point beatdown on his Lakers. (AP)

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Way to bow out with your head high, Andrew Bynum.

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