Hot Clicks: Julia Stegner; soccer player celebrates goal with Michael Jackson impersonation

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This Brian Wilson lookalike highlights's look at the most offbeat and fun images from the past week.

Did You See That?

Brian Wilson :: Dinno Kovic/Southcreek Global/ has compiled ten of the best graphic typos from sports telecasts. (Thanks to Nichole Marconi, of Seattle, for the link.)

Top Typos

Via Rizzo Sports comes this description of AC Milan's 2011 Serie A championship: "The celebration stated out with a massive parade through the streets Milan. It lead to their stadium, as they still had a game to play (they won 4-1), followed by the trophy presentation. Finally, there was Kevin Prince Boateng's Michael Jackson impersonation, followed by fireworks." The Michael Jackson impersonation was no joke.

This Is How U.S. Teams Should Celebrate

Model Julia Stegner gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Julia Stegner :: Florian Seefried/Getty Images

Saints coach Sean Payton is a big fan of the '80s tribute band, The Molly Ringwalds. That's interesting enough for an item, but here he is backstage at a recent show telling the group how he was pressured by his 10-year-old son to draft Alabama running back Mark Ingram. (Thanks to Brian, of New Orleans, for the tip.)

Here's The Guy Reggie Bush Should Blame

Clippers star Blake Griffin jumped over a car during the Slam Dunk contest. He should have known that people would try to copycat the move. Even nutty kids who play beer pong.

Nice Going, Blake

Radford's baseball team made sure they kept busy during a 56-minute rain delay on Sunday. (Thanks to Ryan, of Clinton, S.C., for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

I'm warning you now: Do not sending me any videos of yourself planking.

News Report Of The Day

When will reporters learn not to stand close to the animals?

Live TV Video Of The Day