Hot Clicks: Carly Foulkes; Dirk Nowitzki's big night; Draft fixing accusation

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Dirk Nowitzki scored 48 points in the Mavericks' 121-112 win over the Thunder last night. The amazing part of his performance? He took just 15 shots and sank 24 of 24 free throws. Not only was he perfect from the line, but if you watch all 24 free throws, you'll see that only two of the free throws (the sixth and 22nd attempts) weren't clean swishes. This seems like a good time to repost two Nowitzki tribute vidoes that have recently been in Hot Clicks. His Name is Dirk and DFW Digs Dirk.

'A' For Efficiency

Dirk Nowitzki :: Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Getty Images

Nick Gilbert, the 14-year-old son of Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, stole the show at the NBA Draft lottery last night. Nick, who was born with a nerve disorder that causes tumors to grow, represented Cleveland, and came dressed in style. He also didn't hide his excitement when the Cavs landed the No. 1 pick (after already getting the No. 4 pick). Cleveland's unusual bit of good luck didn't sit well with Timberwolves GM David Kahn, however. He used code language to basically accuse the NBA of fixing the lottery.

Draft (Lottery) Doings

If you thought Mike TysonperformingIn the Air Tonight in The Hangover was wild, wait until you watch him dancing with his wife on Argentina's version of Dancing With The Stars. (Thanks to @kaka1255 for the link.)

Check Out Twinkle Toes

Over the past six months, the woman who I've gotten the most e-mails about (who has yet to appear in Hot Clicks) is Carly Foulkes. Who is Carly Foulkes, you ask? She's the woman in T-Mobile's ads. When the commercials first hit the air, all the e-mailers said "Who is the woman in the T-Mobile ads?" Now, the e-mails say, "You have to feature Carly Foulkes in Hot Clicks." Today is finally that day.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Carly Foulkes

The Reds are currently running a promotion in which the team will take $4 off the price of tickets to an upcoming series against the Cubs for every win the club has on their current homestand. The Reds are 5-0 so far during that span (meaning, $20 is already coming off those tickets). They can knock another $8 off the price of the tickets with wins Wednesday and Thursday against the Pirates. (Thanks to Brian Dilworth, of Chicago, for the link.)

Reds Know How To Win Over Fans

Remember quarterback Jared Lorenzen? He's currently playing in the Ultimate Indoor Football League. Check him out.

Where Are They Now?

Will lay-up drills soon be a thing of the past? This video shows that robots that look like carnival rides may be the way to go when it comes to basketball practice. (Thanks to Antoine Bonneval, of Portland, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

When Matt, of Boston, submitted this ad for Congressman Dan Adler, I assumed it had to be fake. What politician would put together an ad that features kids cursing? But after some research, I can tell you that it's real (and it's not even his worst ad).

Political Ad Of The Day

It takes a 1 minute and 20 seconds for this clip to get going, but you won't be disappointed. (Thanks to Jeff, of Nevada, for the link.)

Piano Playing Video Of The Day