Preakness Stakes (Related Stories)

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Preakness Stakes stories in the SI Vault

With An Assist From Pal DuffyBy Whitney Tower, May 29, 1967 Damascus was a jumpy colt the day he lost the Kentucky Derby, but he was mild as a little lamb before the Preakness. Credit his patient trainer -- and a gray lead pony who almost lost his head.

Flying High And Heading For Fame By Whitney Tower, May 28, 1973In a mood to rout any opposition, Secretariat rolled around the field to win a memorable Preakness. At his next stop, a crown awaits.

Now There's Just One More Dance To Go By William Leggett, May 30, 1977Seattle Slew waltzed off with the Preakness and only needs to lead his rivals a merry chase in the Belmont to become the first undefeated Triple Crown winner.

The Masked Marvel Of The RacetrackBy William Leggett, May 28, 1984 Gate Dancer, the colt who sports purple earmuffs, triumphed in the 109th Preakness at a record clip.

Rolling In Clover By William F. Reed, May 25, 1992Pine Bluff dined on four-leaf clovers, then feasted on a field of 13 colts to win the Preakness.

Triple Threat By Tim Layden, May 27, 2002War Emblem's blazing victory in the Preakness rekindled hopes for racing's first Triple Crown in 24 years.

Shattered Hopes By Tim Layden, May 29, 2006A brilliant colt's bid to give his desperate sport a Triple Crown champion turned tragic when Barbaro broke down in the Preakness and began a fight for his life.