Morning Jolt: Culprit behind LeBron's fall

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Monday, June 13

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Culprit behind LeBron's fall

LeBron James will likely shoulder much of the Heat's heat this offseason. [Miami] lost this final game because of the unaccountable. Nerves. Pressure. Burden. ... There's no way to dance around it this time. There's no way to ignore six consecutive games of this. No way to excuse another passive performance (12 points after a red-hot nine-point start that included a pair of long jumpers). If you needed to see how the pressure of being LeBron James had gotten to him, all you had to do was watch a few possessions of the last few minutes in the second quarter. It was a close game at that point, with the tension in the building tangible. At one point, James drove to within a couple feet of the paint, facing little resistance. And he didn't even look at the basket. He passed it off for a baseline jumper to someone else. (The Miami Herald)Comment

Could Pryor be better than Newton?

Would a team like the Raiders, or 49ers, make a play for Terrelle Pryor? The debate over what position Pryor will play isn't a debate at all. Quarterback? Wide receiver? Maybe even an Antonio Gates-type tight end? Doesn't matter. You worry about that later. ... The truth is, Pryor, at 6-foot-6 and 240 pounds, has considerably more experience as a college quarterback than [Cam Newton], with a 31-4 record and MVP awards in BCS wins in the Rose and Sugar bowls. He's a faster runner than Newton and has comparable arm strength. Former Ohio State assistant Doug Plank said Pryor was the fastest player on the Ohio State roster, which included Chimdi Chekwa, the fleet corner the Raiders drafted in the fourth round. (Oakland Tribune)Comment

Marlins, Astros may switch leagues

According to a report, on realignment option includes two leagues of 15 teams. According to a highly ranked executive, one consideration that has been raised in ownership committee meetings is eliminating the divisions altogether, so that 15 AL and 15 NL teams would vie for five playoff spots within each league. ... One of the biggest issues that would have to be resolved in any realignment resulting in two 15-team leagues is which of the National League teams would switch to the American League. Two highly ranked executives believe the Houston Astros would be a possibility, because a switch to the AL for Houston would foster a rivalry between the Astros and the Texas Rangers. The Marlins could be another candidate, a source suggested. (

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Dwyane Wade contemplates an end to the season he didn't envision last July. (AP)

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Yeah, this is the way last year's pre-title celebration in Miami should have gone in light of the Heat's NBA Finals loss.

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