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Hot Clicks: Jarah Mariano; Mavericks may not get championship rings


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Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says his team may pass on the tradition of getting championship rings for something bolder. "Rings are old school," he said. "Rings are done. It's time to take it to the next level and do something different." To see what Cuban is passing on, check out the NBA championship rings from 1947-2010.

Remaining Ringless?

Lakers championship ring :: AP

Chiefs tight end Leonard Popesaved a child from drowning at a pool party last weekend. I had to chuckle, however, at this quote from the boy's mom. "Leonard was inside, and he came out of nowhere and dove into the water without any hesitation, cell phone in his pocket and all. He saved my son's life, and I am so thankful that he was there for me and my child." Obviously, that's a beautiful thing and Pope deserves nothing but praise, but I love the extra credit given for not taking the time to save his cell phone. (Thanks to Jackson H., of Atlanta, for the tip.)

From Chief To Hero

I don't know anything about hockey, but this seems a tad over the top. Bruins center Brad Marchandpunched Canucks forwardDaniel Sedin over and over and over last night and Sedin just took it.

He Must Be A Pacifist

Model Jarah Marianorecently did a photoshoot that's worth checking out.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Jarah Mariano :: Stewart Shining/SI

Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks linked to a video of a high school baseball team whose walkoff win wasn't a walkoff win when one of the players forgot to touch home plate. Jeff Nelson, of Janesville, Wis., tells us that the same thing happened at a high school softball game in his home state over the weekend. The video is here and story is here.

SI Recommends

Minor Detail

If you want to turn your hot dog into a person, buy this and then reevaluate your life. (Thanks to Ryan Daly, of Nashville, Chris Hay, of Toronto, Colin Joliat, of Chicago and Brad Philipps, of Washington, DC, for the link.)

Ridiculous Product Of The Day

I've been sent tons of links featuring some form of LeBron James bashing. I'm kind of over it and ready to move on. However, I couldn't pass on this song from "The Rise Guys Show" of Sacramento radio station, 1140 KHTK-AM.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here's another Beatles song: This is Manchester United's Wayne Rooney (hairplugs and all) singing Hey Jude.

Karaoke Video Of The Day

Corey, of Altoona, Pa., reminds us that "this" happened 24 years ago today.

Seinfeld Video Of The Day