Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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NFL CBA framework near

The NFL's not-so-secret talks may soon bear fruit. [At] least one source familiar with the situation says the framework of a new collective bargaining agreement could be in place by the weekend. If so, the two negotiating groups representing the owners and the NFL trade association, meeting in the Baltimore area, Yahoo! Sports has learned, would return to their full parties to present what could be the deal that would end the three-month lockout before nearly anything football related is even lost. "A June 30 or July 4 announcement is a reasonable expectation," the source said. "My sense is that by week's end they are likely to have some substantial framework if not a complete plan to go back and present to the owners and the players." (Yahoo! Sports)Comment

Jeter headed down selfish path

Derek Jeter, quite simply, prefers to be in the lineup. "I don't like not to play," Jeter said. Call that selfish if you will. ... But also understand this: Jeter doesn't think he's being selfish. The great ones never do. One thing that makes the great ones great is that they always believe they're the team's best option. They want to be in the lineup every day, because they truly believe the team has a better chance of winning if they're playing. So you can watch Jeter play and say his skills have diminished. I can watch him play and say the same thing. The numbers crunchers can crunch their numbers and say it. Derek Jeter is not going to believe it. He's going to want to stay in the lineup. He's going to want to stay at the top of the lineup. He's going to want to stay in the middle of the infield. (

Celtics keen on busting up Mavs

Mark Cuban would like to get the band back together, an unlikely scenario considering a squeeze on the labor horizon. The Celtics would love to be in the mix for Tyson Chandler, who gave Dallas a defensive and rebounding presence inside. Chandler earned $12.6 million in the final year of his contract and bringing him back will be more difficult than [J.J. Barea]. "Right when [Chandler] got there, we kind of viewed him as our quote, unquote, Kevin Garnett," Cuban said. "The guy that was going to be vocal, that was going to hold people accountable. I remember having conversations with him, it's OK to yell. This team has enough camaraderie and trust that you can do those types of things. He kept on bringing it." (The Boston Globe)Comment

Must-See Photo

Sailors try to hoist an Oracle Racing AC45 boat upright after it capsized during an exhibition race to promote the 34th Annual America's Cup in San Francisco Bay on June 13. (eck Diefenbach/Reuters photos)

Must-See Video

A little preview what's liikely in store tonight in Vancouver.

Game To Watch

An epic, contentious series ends in Game 7 with the Stanley Cup being hoisted, 8 p.m. ET, NBC, CBC, RDS

  1. Boston Bruins
  2. Vancouver Canucks

SI Vault: More Tom Seaver

This Day in Sports

  • 1902 -- Corsicana edges Texarkana 51-3 in minor league baseball's most lopsided game
  • 1928 -- Ty Cobb, 41, steals home for the 50th and final time in his Hall of Fame career
  • 1938 -- Johnny Vander Meer hurls his second straight no-hitter, beating the Dodgers in the first night game at Ebbets Field
  • 1977 -- Mets trade Tom Seaver to Reds for Pat Zachry
  • 1987 -- Michael Spinks KOs Gerry Cooney in five rounds for the heavyweight title