Morning Jolt: Howard unhappy with Van Gundy

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Monday, June 20

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Howard critical of Stan Van Gundy

Dwight Howard's barnstorming tour of Europe continued over the weekend, as did his proclivity toward candor. At an adidas event in Madrid, Spain, Howard criticized Stan Van Gundy's handling of Gilbert Arenas and said he should have a role in the team's personnel decisions. ... "I don't think our coach used him the right way, but I think he can do a lot of great things for our team. He promised me this summer he was going to get himself better, physically and mentally, so he can come back and have an awesome year. ... I just felt like he didn't get the opportunity to play his style but also play with me. I think he needed to. I think he got a couple of opportunities to do it in the playoffs, but it was kind of too late. So I think he will be great for us." (Orlando Sentinel)Comment

Are Bills destined to leave Buffalo?

Fans in Buffalo were likely encouraged not to see "Bills" on a recent list of teams that could be poached by Los Angeles. There are teams who have more pressing issues than the Bills and are more immediate targets for relocation. But the sense of security among Buffalo fans is based on one obvious condition: Ralph Wilson remaining alive and in control of the team. When Wilson is gone, all bets are off. If he dies, the Bills would be at or near the top of any list for possible relocation. Wilson has no known succession plan. He plans to have the team auctioned to the highest bidder. ... Most NFL owners aren't moved by the notion of Buffalo as some quaint, cuddly franchise worthy of preserving. If they have a chance to sell out the Bills for greater profit, they'll do it in a heartbeat. (The Buffalo News)Comment

Has Brown won over Kobe?

Though Kobe Bryant seems intent on keeping his feelings quiet, a weekend report finds the Lakers superstar getting along well with his new head coach. Despite [Bryant's] silence, people close to both sides say Coach Mike Brown has won over his new star in two face-to-face meetings. Their first was May 31 at Bryant's home in Newport Beach, on Brown's way to his news conference in downtown Los Angeles ... more or less. Apparently, the meeting went well. The second was 10 days later at the El Segundo practice facility, where they went through plays on the court So why hasn't anyone bothered to mention it? Brown did mention it, which, in the absence of a single peep from Bryant, didn't settle the issue. (Los Angeles Times)Comment

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Clint Dempsey celebrates scoring in the 80th minute Sunday to help lead the U.S. past Jamaica 2-0 in the Gold Cup quarterfinals. (AP)

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