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Boston Bruins (Related Stories)


Boston Bruins stories in the SI Vault

Boston Nightmare: Exit Sawchuk By Andrew Chrichton, January 28, 1957National League hockey lives a frenzied week as the Bruins' great goalie is elected a midseason All-Star one day and is dropped by his team on the next.

Sportsman Of The Year: Bobby Orr By Jack Olsen, December 21, 1970Only 22, he set entire new standards of hockey excellence. While leading his team to a championship and emerging as an alltime star, he ushered a growing sport into the '70s with a flash of flying ice.

Double Jeopardy For The BruinsBy Mark Mulvoy, November 19, 1973Boston came through a mini-Stanley Cup week with a tenuous hold on first place -- and the icy realization that it is basically a two-man team.

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Stating Their Case By Peter Gammons, May 09, 1977As the Stanley Cup raged on, Boston's Brad Park and the Montreal Three looked capable of filling Bobby Orr's big skates.

Any Way You Like, BruinsBy Austin Murphy, May 30, 1988Newly adaptable Edmonton outskated and outmuscled Boston for a commanding lead in the Stanley Cup finals.

Still Wild About Harry By E.M. Swift, April 01, 1991Thanks to Harry Sinden, a fiery throwback, the Bruins haven't had a losing season in 24 years.

The Odd Couple By Gerry Callahan, November 16, 1998Joe Thornton and Sergei Samsonov have little in common, save that they're big-time talents who are the future of the Bruins.

Ray Of HopeBy Michael Farber, March 20, 2000The trade that sent longtime Bruin Raymond Bourque to the Avalanche gives him and Colorado a shot at the Stanley Cup.