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Morning Jolt: Yankees ready to enter arms race


Tuesday, June 28

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Yankees ready to enter arms race

The Yankees are looking at pitching left, right and middle. Two interesting cases to watch are the Cubs' Matt Garza and the Marlins' Anibal Sanchez. Cubs brass was said to be meeting this week to decide whether to be sellers. Garza has some kinship with A.J. Burnett -- big stuff that has not translated to a big record, a tendency to wear out his welcome and (like the pre-Yankees Burnett) a strong record against the Red Sox. ... When it comes to relievers, the Padres, according to multiple officials, want to get out in the market quickly with Heath Bell and Chad Qualls; word is the Cardinals are trying to land Bell and shortstop Jason Bartlett. The Yankees are more interested in Mike Adams, who is earmarked as San Diego's closer of the future and would come with that price tag. (New York Post)Comment

Barkley: NBA needs a miracle

In a Monday radio interview, Charles Barkley said owner opposition to players building super teams will ensure a lockout. Barkley went on to praise David Stern, but commented the NBA commissioner must do some serious dealing for the season to start without some form of a lockout. "It would take a miracle on (Stern's) part not to have a lockout and I truly believe that," Barkley said. "I think there's going to be a lockout, I think the owners are dug in, I think they want to send a message to these players. I think they're really upset by this LeBron James/Chris Bosh situation, because their teams don't have to be really good, but I feel like if they have a star in their market they can make some money. And if all the stars want to play together ... we're almost becoming like baseball." (Sporting News)Comment

Eli: Plax more welcome than Tiki

Neither Tiki Barber nor Plaxico Burress are strong candidates to return to Big Blue. But if one of them would ever again don a Giants uniform, Eli Manning believes Burress would be accepted back more readily than Barber. "Probably Plaxico just because he has probably fonder memories of winning a Super Bowl and that catch for the touchdown in Super Bowl XLII," Manning said [Monday] on the Dan Patrick Show. "Tiki ended on a bad note and it's really a shame, he should be remembered as a great Giants running back and a terrific player, because he was. Just kind of the way he went out and burned a few bridges with the fans and kind of went after me a little bit, it's unfortunate. I'm not happy about it in that sense, so I think Plaxico would probably be welcomed back a little quicker." (New York Post)Comment

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No. 2 seed Novak Djokovic pulls off a nifty return during play at Wimbledon on Monday. Djokovic defeated France's Mickael Llodra 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 to reach the quarterfinals. (Henry Browne/

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