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Hot Clicks: Maria Fowler; Wily Mo Pena spits into helmet before HR


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In the picture above, you see Diamondbacks outfielder Wily Mo Pena's post-home run ritual of looking up to the sky and staring as his hand. Now, check out hispre-home run ritual, which took place before his ninth inning two-run walkoff against the Indians last night (and caused MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds to become completely hysterical.)

Spit Happens

Wily Mo Pena :: AP

Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee tossed a complete-game, two-hit shutout against Boston last night. There's really no shame in that, since Lee has now tossed 32 straight scoreless innings. However, there was shame for this Red Sox fan, who booted a ground ball and fell over the railing. The Phillies ballgirl did a solid job of picking up the ball and immediately handing it to a Philly fan. (Thanks to Matt Heintz for the link.)

Rough Night For Red Sox Nation

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson and his crew racked up a $25,000 bill at a club Monday night. This news transitions nicely into this link that looks at 12 things NFL players are doing the lockout.

These Guys Need Training Camp

Julio, of San Juan, Puerto Rico, says, "Jimmy, I know you feature a lot of the hot British models in Hot Clicks. I don't think I've ever seen Maria Fowler, though. You might want to look her up."

Photo Gallery Of The Day

SI Recommends

Maria Fowler :: AP

Tiger Woodshas finally gotten a new sponsorship deal since being outed as a serial philanderer. What product will the struggling golfer be pitching? Heat rub. Twitter follower @DerekMoreno6 thinks the company should use 50 Cent's smash hit, In Da Club (with some altered lyrics), for their commercial.


I know Hot Clicks Nation loves cheerleaders. You'll definitely want to see this one. (Thanks to Zach Hansen, of Ogden, Utah, for the link.)

News Report Of The Day

We all need a little football fix these days, so here's Stu Foord of the Saskatchewan Roughriders getting LIT UP in a preseason game last week. (Thanks to Jeff Armstead, of Regina, Canada, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Another day, another new Kate Upton video. Actually, there are two new Kate Upton videos out. You can find the other one here.

Kate Upton Video Of The Day