Celebrating Baseball (Related Stories)

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Baseball stories in the SI Vault

Subject: Ted Williams By Joan Flynn Dreyspool, August 01, 1955Baseball's greatest modern hitter pauses for a look over the career that brought a fortune and, after a hard start, friends.

The Yankees' Desperate GambleBy Walter Bingham, July 02, 1962 Mickey Mantle shouldn't be playing. His injured legs are still weak and another strain might end his career. But the Yankees swere losing without him and they couldn't afford to wait.

El Birdos Fly High By William Leggett, October 16, 1967The St. Louis Cardinals, using a double-clawed attack consisting largely of Bob Gibson's pitching and Lou Brock's all-round skills, took an imposing grip on the 1967 World Series.

Poised For The Golden MomentBy William Leggett, April 08, 1974 Now begins the final assault by Henry Aaron on Ruth's home-run record in a season that brings a controversial new ball but plenty of energy for everybody in another quest -- the title held by the A's.

His Enthusiasm Is Catching By Ron Fimrite, April 04, 1983One reason for National League superiority is Montreal's Gary Carter, who talks a good game and plays a better one.

The Wall's Inside Story By E.M. Swift, July 6, 1987Two hours before game time all is tranquil in the leftfield scoreboard at Fenway Park. Bill Rose, 31, enters the darkened quarters, which are right inside the Green Monster. As usual during home stands, a cheap, dusty radio is playing -- to scare the rats away.

The Importance Of Being Barry By Richard Hoffer, May 24, 1993The Giants' Barry Bonds is the best player in the game today -- just ask him.

Who's Your Papi? By Tom Verducci, June 19, 2006What drives David Ortiz, the supersized Red Sox slugger, is his resentment of the ball club that did him wrong ... and the fighting spirit of his late mother, Angela Rosa.

So Far, So GoodBy Tom Verducci, May 3, 2010They've won World Series, conquered New York and handled the Boss. But in 16 years the Yankees' Core Four had never sat down for lunch together?until an SI roundtable last week.