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Derek Fisher stories in the SI Vault

Growing Pains By Phil Taylor, March 09, 1998The youthful Lakers look like world-beaters at times, but they still make careless mistakes that create doubt about whether they're ready for a title run.

L.A. Lakers No. 1By Alan Shipnuck, February 8, 1999They're deep, gifted and, often, lost. In a pair of Dereks, they may have finally gotten the point.

Unstoppable By Phil Taylor, June 04, 2001Having demolished the vaunted Spurs, the Lakers enter the Finals with a shot at history: an unbeaten postseason.

One Big, Not-So-Happy Family By Jack McCallum, April 19, 2004The Lakers could regain the title, but not unless they resolve a few thorny issues.

Stories Of The NBA By Jack McCallum, Chris MannixFisher shows grace under pressure, on and off the court.