Hot Clicks: Genesis Rodriquez; MLB husband and wife on the podcast

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A couple of weeks ago, in the "Today on Twitter" feature in P.M. Hot Clicks, I linked to this Tweet from Amanda McCarthy to her husband, A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy. It was then that I knew I had to get them on The Hot Clicks Podcast. Truth be told, I was following Brandon on Twitter for a while before that, and he's easily one of the best athletes to follow on Twitter. (His sample Tweets: "You know when you play 'Risk' and the board gets to the point where you realize you won't win? It's a good analogy for my eyebrows & face." And, "I didn't set out to test the absorbency of my underwear today but by God that's what I've done. #humidity-notpee"). And after noticing that Brandon was one of the very few athletes who actually banters back and forth with his wife, I was hoping they'd bring some of that to the podcast -- and they did. So, if you want to hear about what marriage is like for a Major League player and his wife and then hear said husband and wife bicker and argue (in an amusing way), listen to the interview below or download it on iTunes.

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Brandon and Amanda McCarthy

So, the NFL owners pulled a fast one last night (ratifying a proposal with added provisions that players hadn't seen) and tried to make it look they were the ones giving a green light to the upcoming season. This, obviously did not sit well with the players. Fortunately for us, some of them took to Twitter and brought the funny. Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockettthinks the players need Casey Anthony's lawyer. ... Texans running back Arian Fosterclaimed HE DID sign the new CBA. ... Vikings punter Chris Kluwewent back to his "douche back" card. ... Panthers defensive back Gerald Alexandercompared the NFL to Suge Knight.


Since I'm sure Tiger Woods reads Hot Clicks twice a day, hopefully we can help him find a new caddie. Donny Hill wants the job, so he's started

Gotta Love The Internet

The Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals Class AAA affiliate) sent out a press release yesterday to announce they'll be holding "Organ Donor Night" on Aug. 13. The team will ask fans to sign up to be an organ donor. However, they're not stopping there. The players will also wear these uniforms that day.

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BroBible celebrates the return of Entourage (this Sunday on HBO) by looking back at the 129 hottest women to appear over the show's 88 episodes. Genesis Rodriguez (above) appeared it Season 7, and now I'm sorry I missed it.

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Genesis Rodriguez :: Angela Weiss/Getty Images

In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I wrote about memorable incidents of broadcasters going crazy on the air. I said this clip of Chris "Mad Dog" Russo (formerly of WFAN in New York, currently of Sirius/XM) going off on Pacman Jones was the all-time best. Based on e-mails and Tweets you guys sent me, the only other rant that can rival Russo's is this one from Detroit radio host Mike Valenti, who went bonkers after Michigan State lost a football game to Notre Dame in 2006.

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This item has been sitting out there since Saturday and not one person has sent it to me, despite the fact that it is truly the perfect Hot Clicks item. I'm hurt. Anyway, Vikings running back Adrian Petersonsays he'd kissHalle Berry's feet.


Despite yesterday's grim news about the lockout, NFL players association executive director DeMaurice Smith did provide this funny moment.

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Here is the latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

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