Morning Jolt: Up to eight teams after Ubaldo

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Thursday, July 28

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Up to eight teams after Ubaldo

Ubaldo Jimenez may be on the move, after all. On Tuesday afternoon, we heard an official for a contending team utter these momentous words about the Great Ubaldo: "My guess is, they move him." ... The Reds are in. The Yankees and Red Sox are in. The Rangers, Tigers and Blue Jays are on this trail. An executive of one club involved in these talks says he was told that two National League teams, yet to be identified, are working on this deal, as well. Other clubs are conjecturing that one of them almost certainly is Washington. So that tells us six to eight teams are actively talking to the Rockies, with four days left until the trading deadline. If you think they're all just checking in to get some tips on the best ski lodges in Aspen, better think again. "You don't do this with your best pitcher," said the official quoted at the top of this column, "unless you're ready to trade him." (

Cowboys cuts a show of Garrett's power

Jason Garrett appears to be a new sheriff in town. By cutting three popular players who held sway over a lot of teammates in the locker room, the reactions should be: "Gulp, they got rid of those guys so I better take care of my business." ... [Marion Barber] famously did not comply with Garrett's dress code edict before the coach's first game against the New York Giants. Barber was fined. [Leonard Davis] wore a ridiculously short tie -- after showing up for the plane ride without one -- and it was noticed. [Roy Williams] had some comments about a lack of passes coming his way. It was noticed. Small stuff, to be sure, but that small stuff chips away at a coach's authority. Garrett took care of the small stuff in a big way Tuesday. (

Nash flatters China, not likely jumping to CBA

In his younger years, Steve Nash may have had a different answer. Although hailing the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league as a fine destination for NBA players, [Nash] believes he will stay with his family during the current league lockout. "Like I said before, if I did not have three daughters to take care of I would like to come and play in the CBA," Nash said during a press conference on Monday in Shanghai. ... "I know I have got a lot of diehard fans here, it's incredible. The basketball league here is also awesome. It's definitely a good league for all players worldwide. But I would like to stay with my family during the holidays," said Nash. (China Daily)Comment

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Italy's Federica Pellegrini celebrates after winning the women's 200m Freestyle final, at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Shanghai, China, Wednesday, July 27, 2011. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

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A fan's-eye view of the final out of Edwin Santana's no-hitter Wednesday in Cleveland.

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