Hot Clicks: Stacy Keibler; Pee Wee Herman attends Cowboys camp

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Pee Wee Herman visited Cowboys camp yesterday. There are pictures.

I Guess This Is Why They're America's Team

Pee Wee Herman, Tony Romo :: AP

How could the Alabama County police lure deadbeats out of hiding who haven't paid child support? Easy. Offer them free Alabama-Auburn tickets.

Very Clever

Kevin Durant continued his tour of New York City basketball courts last night, playing at Dyckman Park in Washington Heights. Durant's teams faced off against Michael Beasley's team. The highlight was Beasley shoving a heckler in the face.

Not So Friendly Game

Multiple tabloids are reporting that Hot Clicks favorite Stacy Keibler is George Clooney's latest girlfriend. All we can do is tip our cap to Mr. Clooney and feature Keibler yet again.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Stacy Keibler :: Landov

If you're on Twitter, Stephen Colbert has taken over the @MLB feed for the entire day. (Cheap plug here for my Twitter feed, too.)

This Should Be Good

Hot Clicks Nation has had some fun recently with athletes and their wedding registries. Reader Ryan Wright, of Bellevue, Iowa shares his story. He says, "I ordered two glasses for Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian. Today, I received a hand-written thank you note signed "XO Kim." I can't prove who wrote the note, but it's good to know that they care enough to have them sent out -- and they haven't even gotten married yet." Ryan also sent in pictures of the note, which you can see above.

Klassy Move By Kim And Kris

Kim Kardashian thank you note

Rays pitchers David Price and James Shields have a message for you.

Sports Video Of The Day

The latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship is better than usual.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

The headline alone should make you watch, but here's the description: "This interactive experience is not one, but THREE different games where you take control of Zack to help either Screech, Kelly, or Jessie based on classic situations from the series."

Saved By The Bell Video Of The Day