Morning Jolt: Posada upset with Yankees again

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Monday, August 8

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Posada unhappy with Yankees again

There are sadder endings, of course, but that doesn't make it any easier for Jorge Posada. [Joe Girardi] spoke with Posada Sunday, informing him that he was not going to be the designated hitter against Josh Beckett Sunday night, or against any righthanders for that matter -- the one role that had belonged to the Core Four member throughout this roller-coaster season. "He said he was going to put the best lineup on the field, and he doesn't know when I'm going to DH again," Posada said before the Yankees lost, 3-2, to the Red Sox in 10 innings. "So right now I'm sitting on the bench. I'm not happy about it, but right now I can't do nothing about it. I put myself in this situation. I've just got to keep on working." (New York Daily News)Comment

Cowboys' defense off to bad start

Rob Ryan put himself on the hook for a defense that left quite a bit to be desired. Quarterback Tony Romo certainly had his way with the first team defense in Sunday's Blue-White intrasquad scrimmage at the Alamodome, completing 14 of 20 passes for 150 yards. He threw touchdown passes to Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and running back Lonyae Miller against a defense that is clearly still in a learning mode. With 10 of 11 starters back from last year, coordinator Rob Ryan is expected to be the biggest difference maker. He took the brunt of the blame for his unit's performance on Sunday. "We don't like giving up points," Ryan said. "Sometimes it happens. That is the way it is. But put it on me. I dusted off a couple of calls we hadn't worked on." (Star-Telegram)Comment

Ginobili considering retirement

International tune-ups often come with revealing interviews from home-country journalists. Argentine sports journalists were going to take every opportunity to ask Manu Ginobili and some of his longtime teammates from the "golden generation" about their long-term basketball plans. Thus, a story about Ginobili that ran Sunday in "El Tribuno," following Argentina's friendly triumph over Paraguay, 82056, in Salta, Argentina. The story is headlined "There is a high possibility of leaving basketball in two years." Of course, Ginobili will be 36 when his contract with the Spurs expires in two years, so it is hardly a surprise that he said he didn't know how he might feel about continuing his career once that contract expires. (San Antonio Express-News)Comment

Must-See Photo

Josh Reddick became the latest folk hero in the Red-Sox-Yankees feud with his 10-inning game-winning hit Sunday night in Bsoton. (AP)

Must-See Video

Deion Sanders was inducted into the Pro Footbal Hall of Fame Saturday night. We doubt Tim McCarver got a vote.

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The Pirates look to break a 10-game losing streak in San Francisco, 10:15 p.m. ET

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